True owls and relatives

Family Strigidae
This family regroups all typical owls, including Eagle-owls, Wood-owls, Scops-owls and other related species.

Aegolius acadicus acadicus – Northern saw-whet owl
Asio flammeus flammeus – Short-eared owl
Athene cunicularia – Burrowing owl
Bubo bubo kiautschensis – Eurasian eagle-owl
Bubo philippensis mindanensis – Philippine eagle-owl
Bubo philippensis philippensis – Philippine eagle-owl
Bubo scandiacus – Snowy owl
Bubo sumatranus strepitans – Barred eagle-owl
Bubo sumatranus sumatranus – Barred eagle-owl
Bubo virginianus virginianus – Great horned owl
Glaucidium cuculoides whiteleyi – Asian barred owlet
Ketupa zeylonensis orientalis – Brown fish-owl
Megascops asio asio – Eastern screech-owl
Megascops asio hasbroucki – Eastern screech-owl
Ninox boobook – Southern boobook
Ninox scutulata scutulata – Brown boobook
Otus lempiji hypnodes – Sunda scops-owl
Otus lempiji lempiji – Sunda scops-owl
Strix albitarsis – Rufous-banded owl
Strix leptogrammica maingayi – Brown wood-owl
Strix leptogrammica ochrogenys – Sri Lankan Brown wood owl
Strix varia helveola – Barred owl


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