Soldierfishes and relatives

Family Anomalopidae
This family regroups the Flashlightfishes and their relatives.

Anomalops katoptron – Splitfin flashlightfish

Family Holocentridae
This family regroups the Squirrelfishes, Soldierfishes and their relatives.

Myripristis adusta – Shadowfin soldierfish
Myripristis berndti – Blotcheye soldierfish
Myripristis hexagona – Doubletooth soldierfish
Myripristis murdjan – Pinecone soldierfish
Sargocentron caudimaculatum – Silverspot squirrelfish
Sargocentron diadema – Crown squirrelfish
Sargocentron spiniferum – Sabre squirrelfish

Family Monocentridae
This family regroups the Pinapplefishes and their relatives.

Family Trachichthyidae
This family regroups the Roughies and their relatives.

Gephyroberyx japonicus – Big roughy


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