ACEE Expeditions

Welcome to ACEE’s expeditions !

    Since 2016, I have been involved in field work around Southeast Asia, performing small-scale biodiversity assessments of areas with a high number of threatened, endemic animals.

    This activity is now fully part of ACEE and a project on its own ! Together with volunteers, scientists and the help of my wife who is assisting me for both the field work and the social network publications, I am planning to go at least three times a year in the field to perform small to large-scale biodiversity assessments, targeting species that are either highly endangered or so poorly known that its true conservation status remain uncertain.

    We are looking for supporters and funders to help us perform these biodiversity assessments and gather valuable data that will be used by conservation programs.

    Listed below are the publications for each expedition created by Pierre de Chabannes. More will be added on regular basis.

Thank you for your support as always !

Pierre de Chabannes
Founder, ACEE


A small-scale biodiversity assessment of two tracts of forests in Mindanao (Philippines)

The Borneo chronicles – Partridge quest at Gunung Alab (Malaysia)

Wildlife in the City – Gembira Loka Zoo (Indonesia)

A morning of endemic wildlife photography on Gunung Gede (Indonesia)


A first glimpse at Mt Kitanglad’s endemic birds (Philippines)