Welcome !

ACEE is the result of 20 years of expeditions, research, documentation of wildlife around the world, both in nature and under human care. Created by photojournalist, explorator and educator Pierre de Chabannes, ACEE stands for Animals Conservation Education & Expeditions.

Animals because this is our primary focus. Pierre de Chabannes has photographed more than 15,000 animal species and subspecies around the world. During his expeditions, he rediscovered species that were considered locally extinct and documented animal species unknown to science.

Conservation because today, nature and its inhabitants are facing growing threats that will end up threatening even our own future. Pierre is involved in helping set up some of today’s and tomorrow’s conservation efforts through consulting, networking, lecturing and education work.

Education because this is one of ACEE’s key missions. You can only efficiently protect what you know and what you love. Our goal is to provide free education material to share the word and raise awareness about the need to protect nature. Pierre is also a passionate speaker about his field experiences with wildlife and conservation.

Last, Expeditions because to find these poorly known, threatened, unknown to science animals, you have to go in the field. Pierre is organizing yearly expeditions to find and document amazing animals for ACEE, other organisms and clients. Support us by joining these expeditions, come explore nature with us and be amazed by the diversity and beauty of its inhabitants !

By publishing educational material, talking to various audiences during lectures and workshops or guiding expeditions, Pierre keeps raising awareness about wildlife and its conservation. We invite you to join us in our mission and support this great cause because only together can we really protect what we truly love !

Thank you and Enjoy!

Pierre de Chabannes
Founder, ACEE