About Pierre

A native of Paris, France, Pierre de Chabannes is a scientific advisor for National Geographic Society, a freelance consultant on zoology and conservation, a teacher, photojournalist, lecturer, and an expert in animal identification and conservation issues around the world. He is also the driving force behind Pierre Wildlife, a project that includes one of the world’s largest collections of documents and information on captive species.

Fascinated with the wildlife and the world of zoos and aquariums since he was a child, Pierre has devoted much of his life to studying not only the taxa in their collections, but the conservation status of the more than 12,000 species presently held in captivity. Pierre Wildlife’s database project seeks to preserve, in photographs and educational documents at least, the world’s biodiversity at this moment in time.

It is this expertise that has led to Pierre’s most recent collaboration, serving as a consultant for National Geographic Society’s project “The Photo Ark” with long-time National Geographic photojournalist Joel Sartore. In this capacity he serves as a scientific advisor,  proofer, pre-producer of photoshoots, writer and expert consultant for captive species inventories and identification at the world’s zoos.

A freelance photojournalist since 2007, Pierre has authored print and web articles in both English and French for such publications as Avicultural Magazine (The Avicultural Society), Watchbird (American Federation of Aviculture) and International Zoo News.

Pierre also gives lectures and conducts workshops on taxonomy, animal identification and conservation. He has spoken at major events such as the 2017 SEAZA Conference in Manila (Philippines), in Universities, Schools and Zookeeper formations in Europe and Asia.

He currently resides in Saint Jean de Bournay, France, with his wife and his extensive reference book collection.