Anthracoceros convexus

(Temminck, 1832)

Vernacular names
English : Southern pied hornbill
French : Calao malais

Class : Aves
Order : Bucerotiformes
Family : Bucerotidae
Notes : No subspecies known.

Adults can grow to 60 cm in length for a weight of 900 g. Black plumage with white belly and undertail. Bluish cheek patch, pale yellow bill and casque with black marking on tip. Larger former subspecies, less black on casque and bill.

Range and habitat
The species occurs in South-East Asia, in Mainland Malaysia, Greater Sundas, Bali and nearby islands. Lives in open forests, forest edges, plantations and woodlands, up to 700 m.

IUCN RED LIST : LEAST CONCERN (as A. albirostris)
CITES : Appendix II
Status : The commonest Asian hornbill in most of its range. Locally hunted and trapped. Adaptable but has declined in sizeable portions of its range.
Ex-Situ Programs : None known



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