Capricornis maritimus

(Heude, 1888)

Vernacular names
English : Indochinese serow
French : Serow d’Indochine

Class : Mammalia
Order : Cetartiodactyla
Family : Bovidae
Notes : No subspecies known. Sometimes considered a subspecies of C. sumatraensis.

Adults can grow to 155 cm in body length, 94 cm in shoulder height and 140 kg in weight. Body hairs mostly black with silvery white base. White to silvery mane and back stripe, white lower cheeks and chin. Dull rufous lower legs.

Range and habitat
The species occurs in South-east Asia, from central and western Myanmar to Vietnam, south to Kra Isthmus in south Thailand. Lives in montane areas and cliffs in forests, scrublands and grasslands.

IUCN RED LIST : VULNERABLE (as C. sumatraensis)
CITES : Appendix I
Status : The species has yet to be assessed separately but it seems that its populations remain stable so far despite illegal hunting and habitat loss.
Ex-Situ Programs : None known



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