Softshell turtles and relatives

Family Trionychidae
This family regroups all Softshell turtles.

Amyda cartilaginea cartilaginea – Asiatic softshell turtle
Amyda ornata phayrei – Ornate softshell turtle
Apalone spinifera guadalupensis – Spiny softshell turtle
Apalone spinifera pallida – Spiny softshell turtle
Chitra chitra chitra – Nutaphand’s narrow-headed softshell turtle
Dogania subplana – Malayan softshell turtle
Lissemys ceylonensis – Sri Lankan flapshell turtle
Lissemys scutata – Burmese flapshell turtle
Pelochelys cantorii – Asian giant softshell turtle
Pelodiscus sinensis – Chinese softshell turtle

Family Carettochelyidae
This monotypic family has been created for the Pig-nosed turtle.

Carettochelys insculpta – Pig-nosed turtle