Other lizards

Family Shinisauridae
This family regroups the crocodile lizards.

Shinisaurus crocodilurus crocodilurus – Chinese crocodile lizard

Family Helodermatidae
This family regroups both Heloderms (also known as Gila monsters or Beaded lizards).

Heloderma exasperatum – Rio Fuerte beaded lizard
Heloderma horridum – Mexican beaded lizard
Heloderma suspectum cinctum – Gila monster

Family Cordylidae
This family regroups all Spinytail lizards.

Cordylus tropidosternum – East African spiny-tailed lizard

Family Gerrhosauridae
This family regroups all Plated lizards.

Broadleysaurus major – Rough-scaled plated lizard
Matobosaurus validus – Common giant plated lizard
Zonosaurus madagascariensis madagascariensis – Madagascar girdled lizard

Family Anguidae
This family regroups all True Glass-lizards and Alligator-lizards.

Abronia graminea – Green arboreal alligator lizard
Abronia taeniata – Bromeliad arboreal alligator lizard
Barisia ciliaris – Imbricate alligator lizard
Ophisaurus attenuatus attenuatus – Slender glass lizard
Pseudopus apodus thracicus – Sheltopusik

Family Diploglossidae
This family regroups all American Glass-lizards.


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