Other Tetraodontiformes species

Family Diodontidae
This family regroups the Porcupinefishes and related species.

Chilomycterus schoepfii – Striped burrfish
Diodon nicthemerus – Slender-spined porcupinefish

Family Molidae
This family regroups the true Sunfishes.

Family Ostraciidae
This family regroups the Boxfishes and related species.

Acanthostracion polygonius – Honeycomb cowfish
Acanthostracion quadricornis – Scrawled cowfish
Lactoria cornuta – Longhorn cowfish
Ostracion meleagris camurum – Whitespotted boxfish
Ostracion meleagris meleagris – Whitespotted boxfish
Ostracion rhinorhynchos – Horn-nosed boxfish
Tetrosomus concatenatus – Triangular boxfish

Family Aracanidae
This family regroups the South Australian boxfishes.

Anoplocapros lenticularis – White-barred boxfish
Aracana aurita – Striped cowfish
Aracana ornata – Ornate cowfish

Family Triacanthidae
This family regroups the Tripod fishes and related species.


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