Family Pteropodidae
This family regroups all Flying-foxes and their relatives.

Acerodon jubatus jubatus – Giant golden-crowned flying-fox
Acerodon jubatus mindanensis – Giant golden-crowned flying-fox
Cynopterus brachyotis brachyotis – Lesser dog-faced fruit bat
Pteropus livingstonii – Livingstone’s flying fox
Pteropus medius medius – Indian flying fox
Pteropus vampyrus sumatrensis – Large flying-fox

Family Phyllostomidae
This family regroups all Leaf-nosed bats from the New World, including Vampire bats.

Artibeus jamaicensis – Jamaican fruit-eating bat
Carollia perspicillata – Seba’s short-tailed bat
Desmodus rotundus rotundus – Common vampire bat

Family Vespertilionidae
This family regroups all Vespertilionid bats.

Antrozous pallidus – Pallid bat


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