Spider crabs and relatives

Family Majidae
This family regroups the true Spider-crabs.

Maja crispata – Lesser spider crab

Family Inachidae
This family regroups the Decorator crabs and other related species.

Camposcia retusa – Spider decorator crab
Macrocheira kaempferi – Japanese spider-crab
Stenorhynchus seticornis – Yellowline arrow crab

Family Parthenopidae
This family regroups all Longclaw crabs and their relatives.

Family Oregoniidae
This family regroups some of the Cold-waters spider-crabs.

Chionoecetes japonicus – Beni-Zuwai crab

Family Lithodidae
This family regroups the King crab and related species.

Lopholithodes mandtii – Puget Sound king crab
Paralithodes camtschaticus – Red king crab

Family Epialtidae
This family regroups the Horned spider-crabs.