Eunicella cavolini

(Koch, 1887)

Vernacular names
English : Yellow gorgonian
French : Gorgone jaune

Class : Anthozoa
Order : Malacalcyonacea
Family : Eunicellidae
Notes : No subspecies known.

Colonies can span up to 50 cm but usually less. All the branching is done on a single plan and polyps grow on 4 rows on each branch. Branches are usually short. Body coloration is orange and polyps are light yellow to white.

Range and habitat
This species occurs in the eastern area of the Atlantic Ocean and is endemic to the Mediterranean sea. Mostly found on rocky slopes, sometimes in caves, down to 150 meters.

IUCN RED LIST : NOT LISTED (previously listed as Near Threatened)
CITES : Not listed
Status : The species remains locally abundant but seems to suffer from ocean water acidification and warming.
Ex-Situ Programs : None known



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