Corals, Gorgonians, Anemones and relatives

Family Actiniidae
This family regroups all the true Anemones.

Actinia equina – Beadlet anemone
Actinia fragacea – Strawberry anemone
Anemonia viridis – Snakelocks anemone
Anthopleura xanthogrammica – Giant green anemone
Condylactis gigantea – Giant Caribbean anemone
Entacmaea quadricolor – Bulb-tentacle sea anemone
Phymanthea pluvia – Pluvia anemone
Urticina crassicornis – Mottled anemone

Family Actinodendronidae
This family regroups all Fire anemones.

Family Hormathiidae
This family regroups all Hermit anemones.

Family Sagartiidae
This family regroups the Flower anemones and relative species.

Anthothoe stimpsonii – Stimpson’s anemone

Family Aiptasiidae
This family regroups all Aiptasias and related species.

Bartholomea annulata – Corkscrew anemone

Family Stichodactylidae
This family regroups Sun anemones, Carpet anemones and their relatives.

Family Phymanthidae
This family regroups the Beaded anemones and their relatives.

Phymanthus crucifer – Rock flower anemone

Family Metridiidae
This family regroups the Plumose anemones and their relatives.

Metridium farcimen – Giant plumose anemone

Family Pocilloporidae
This family regroups Rasp corals and their relatives.

Family Euphyllidae
This family regroups Anchor corals and their relatives.

Catalaphyllia jardinei – Elegance coral
Euphyllia glabrescens – Torch coral
Fimbriaphyllia ancora – Anchor coral
Fimbriaphyllia divisa – Frogspawn coral
Nemenzophyllia turbida – Fox coral
Plerogyra sinuosa – Green bubble coral

Family Oculinidae
This family regroups Crystal corals and their relatives.

Family Meandrinidae
This family regroups all Meandrinid corals.

Eusmilia fastigiata – Smooth flower coral

Family Acroporidae
This family regroups Staghorn corals, Plate corals and their relatives.

Acropora efflorescens – Plate coral
Acropora grandis – Giant staghorn coral
Acropora muricata – Staghorn coral
Acropora valenciennesi – Giant table coral
Acropora valida – Staghorn coral
Montipora confusa – Finger coral

Family Siderastreidae
This family regroups Starlet corals and their relatives.

Family Agariciidae
This family regroups Lettuce corals and their relatives.

Agaricia lamarcki – Lamarck’s sheet coral
Pavona maldivensis – Sunburst leaf coral

Family Fungiidae
This family regroups Mushroom corals and their relatives.

Heliofungia actiniformis – Anemone coral

Family Pectiniidae
This family regroups Elephant-ear corals and their relatives.

Family Merulinidae
This family regroups Cabbage corals and their relatives.

Caulastraea echinulata – Candy cane coral
Caulastraea furcata – Finger coral
Caulastraea tumida – Tumida finger coral
Echinopora forskaliana – Forskal’s chalice coral
Echinopora lamellosa – Blue chalice coral
Echinopora pacificus – Hedgehog coral
Merulina ampliata – Crispy crust coral
Mycedium elephantotus – Chinese lettuce coral
Trachyphyllia geoffroyi – Open brain coral

Family Dendrophylliidae
This family regroups Sun corals, Chalice corals and their relatives.

Dendrophyllia cornigera – Yellow branching coral
Dendrophyllia ramea – True coral
Duncanopsammia axifuga – Duncan coral
Tubastraea coccinea – Orange sun coral
Tubastraea diaphana – Black sun coral
Tubastraea megacorallita – Bighead sun coral
Tubastraea micranthus – Green tube coral

Family Lobophylliidae
This family regroups Brain corals and their relatives.

Acanthastrea echinata – Starry cup coral
Acanthastrea rotundoflora – Encrusting starry cup coral
Cynarina lacrymalis – Flat cup coral
Echinophyllia aspera -Chalice coral
Echinophyllia echinoporides – Red stone coral
Echinophyllia patula – Chalice lime coral
Homophyllia bowerbanki – Bowerbank’s starry cup coral
Lobophyllia agaricia – Sinuous cup coral
Lobophyllia flabelliformis – Large brain root coral
Lobophyllia hemprichii – Large brain root coral
Lobophyllia ishigakiensis – Ishigaki starry cup coral
Lobophyllia radians – Radial brain coral
Lobophyllia robusta – Lobed cactus coral
Lobophyllia rowleyensis – Rowley’s brain coral
Micromussa lordhowensis – Lord Howe’s starry cup coral
Sclerophyllia maxima – Maxima cup coral

Family Mussidae
This family regroups Brain corals and their relatives.

Blastomussa wellsi – Big polyp blastomussa coral

Family Faviidae
This family regroups Pinapple corals, Moon corals and their relatives.

Dipsastraea favus – Head coral
Dipsastraea lizardensis – Lizard’s head coral
Dipsastraea maritima – Maritima head coral
Dipsastraea speciosa – Moon coral
Dipsastraea veroni – Veron’s knob coral
Goniastrea australensis – Lesser star coral
Goniastrea palauensis – Palau lesser star coral
Platygyra daedalea – Lesser valley coral
Platygyra pini – Pini brain coral

Family Trachyphylliidae
This monotypic family has been created for the Open brain coral.

Family Poritidae
This family regroups Boulder corals and their relatives.

Alveopora spongiosa – Spongiose net coral
Goniopora stokesi – Green flowerpot coral

Family Helioporidae
This monotypic family has been created for the Blue coral. It belongs in its own separate order.

Family Milleporidae
This family regroups Fire corals and their relatives. They belong in a different order.

Family Alcyoniidae
This family regroups Finger-like soft corals and their relatives.

Alcyonium glomeratum – Red dead man’s fingers
Sarcophyton glaucum – Rough leather coral
Sarcophyton trocheliophorum – Mushroom leather coral

Family Nephtheidae
This family regroups Tree-like soft corals and their relatives.

Dendronephthya sp. – Thistle soft coral
Litophyton arboreum – Broccoli coral
Scleronephthya sp. – Flower tree coral

Family Plexauridae
This family regroups Sea whips and related gorgonian species.

Eunicea calyculata – Warty sea rod

Family Gorgoniidae
This family regroups true Gorgonians and their relatives.

Eunicella cavolini – Yellow gorgonian
Gorgonia ventalina – Common sea fan

Family Corallidae
This family regroups Coral Gorgonians and their relatives.

Corallium rubrum – Red coral

Family Briareidae
This family regroups encrusting Gorgonians.

Family Anthothelidae
This family regroups Caribbean encrusting gorgonians.

Family Xeniidae
This family regroups Pumping corals and their relatives.

Family Clavulariidae
This family regroups all Palm-tree corals and their relatives.

Clavularia viridis – Palm tree polyps

Family Antipathidae
This family regroups Wire-corals and their relatives.

Family Cerianthidae
This family regroups all Tube anemones.

Cerianthus membranaceus – Cylinder anemone
Pachycerianthus fimbriatus – Pacific tube anemone

Family Zoanthidae
This family regroups all Carpet colonial anemones.

Family Discosomatidae
This family regroups all Mushroom anemones and their relatives.

Amplexidiscus fenestrafer – Giant mushroom anemone
Discosoma nummiforme – Variable mushroom coral

Family Corallimorphidae
This family regroups all Jewel anemones and their relatives.

Corynactis californica – Californian jewel-anemone
Corynactis viridis – Atlantic jewel anemone

Family Sphenopidae
This family regroups all Cluster anemones and their relatives.

Family Catostylidae
This family regroups the Dome-bell jellyfishes.

Acromitus flagellatus – Flagellate jellyfish
Catostylus mosaicus – Blue blubber jellyfish
Mastigias papua – Golden medusa

Family Ulmaridae
This family regroups the Aurelia jellyfishes and relatives.

Aurelia aurita – Moon jelly
Aurelia limbata – Brownbanded moon jelly

Family Pelagiidae
This family regroups the Sea-nettle jellyfishes

Chrysaora colorata – Purple-striped sea-nettle
Chrysaora fuscescens – West Coast sea-nettle
Chrysaora pacifica – Japanese sea-nettle
Chrysaora quinquecirrha – Atlantic sea nettle

Family Cepheidae
This family regroups the Fried-egg jellyfishes and their relatives.

Cotylorhiza tuberculata – Fried-egg jellyfish

Family Phacellophoridae
This family regroups the Egg-yolk jellyfishes and their relatives.

Phacellophora camtschatica – Egg-yolk jellyfish

Family Cyaneidae
This family regroups the Lion’s mane jellyfish and its relatives.

Cyanea capillata – Lion’s mane jellyfish

Family Linuchidae
This family regroups the Crown jellyfishes.

Family Olindiidae
This family regroups the Flowerpot jellyfishes and other related species.

Olindias formosus – Flower hat jelly

Family Mastigiidae
This family regroups the Spotted jellyfishes and their relatives.

Family Rhizostomatidae
This family regroups the Barrel jellyfishes.

Rhopilema esculentum – Flame jellyfish

Family Eirenidae
This family regroups the Eirenid jellyfishes.

Family Cassiopeidae
This family regroups the Upside-down Jellyfishes.

Cassiopea andromeda – Common upside-down jellyfish
Cassiopea ornata – Ornate upside-down jellyfish
Cassiopea xamachana – Blue upside-down jellyfish


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