Dogs, Hyenas, Bears & Relatives

Family Canidae
This family regroups all wild dog-type carnivores including wolves and foxes.

Canis aureus cruesemanni – Golden jackal
Canis aureus indicus – Golden jackal
Canis indica – Indian wolf
Canis latrans frustror – Coyote
Canis latrans texensis – Coyote
Canis lupus arabs – Arabian wolf
Canis lupus baileyi – Mexican Wolf
Canis lupus chanco – Mongolian wolf
Canis lupus italicus – Italian Wolf
Canis mesomelas mesomelas – Black-backed jackal
Canis rufus – Red Wolf
Cuon alpinus adustus – Burmese dhole
Cuon alpinus infuscus – Malayan dhole
Cuon alpinus lepturus – Chinese Dhole
Cuon alpinus sumatrensis – Indonesian dhole
Nyctereutes viverrinus albus – Hokkaido raccoon dog
Vulpes lagopus – Arctic fox
Vulpes velox – Swift Fox
Vulpes vulpes fulva – Red Fox

Family Hyaenidae
This family regroups all three hyena species and the aardwolf.

Crocuta crocuta – Spotted hyena
Hyaena hyaena dubbah – Striped hyaena
Hyaena hyaena hyaena – Striped hyaena
Parahyaena brunnea – Brown Hyaena

Family Ursidae
This family regroups all bear species, including the giant panda.

Ailuropoda melanoleuca – Giant Panda
Helarctos malayanus euryspilus – Bornean Sun Bear
Helarctos malayanus malayanus – Malayan Sun bear
Melursus ursinus ursinus – Indian sloth bear
Ursus americanus – American Black Bear
Ursus arctos horribilis – Grizzli Bear

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