Other crustaceans

Family Cirolanidae
This family regroups the Giant isopods and their relatives.

Bathynomus giganteus – Giant isopod

Family Lysiosquillidae
This family regroups the Spearer mantis shrimps and their relatives.

Lysiosquillina maculata – Zebra mantis-shrimp

Family Odontodactylidae
This family regroups the Peacock mantis-shrimp and related species.

Odontodactylus scyllarus – Peacock mantis shrimp

Family Astacidae
This family regroups true Crayfishes.

Astacus astacus – Noble crayfish

Family Parastacidae
This family regroups all Small Tropical Crayfish species and their relatives.

Cherax albertisii – New Guinea red-clawed crayfish
Cherax quadricarinatus – Common red-clawed crayfish

Family Atyidae
This family regroups the Tropical freshwater shrimps.

Atyoidea pilipes – Sulawesi fan shrimp
Atyopsis moluccensis – Wood shrimp
Caridina logemanni – Crystal red bee shrimp

Family Cambaridae
This family regroups the Tropical freshwater dwarf crayfishes.