Sea stars and relatives

Family Acanthasteridae
This family regroups the Crown-of-thorns starfish and its relatives.

Acanthaster mauritiensis – Crown of thorns starfish

Family Archasteridae
This family regroups the Sand Starfishes.

Family Asteriidae
This family regroups the Common starfishes and its relatives.

Asterias rubens – Common starfish
Pisaster ochraceus – Purple sea star

Family Asteropseidae
This family regroups the Leather starfishes and its relatives.

Dermasterias imbricata – Leather star

Family Asterinidae
This family regroups some of the Cushion starfishes species.

Patiria miniata – Bat star

Family Astropectenidae
This family regroups the Comb-stars and their relatives.

Family Solasteridae
This family regroups the Sunstars and their relatives.

Crossaster papposus – Common sunstar

Family Echinasteridae
This family regroups the Spiny starfishes and their relatives.

Echinaster callosus – Warty starfish
Echinaster sepositus – Red starfish

Family Goniasteridae
This family regroups the Marbled starfishes and their relatives.

Calliaster childreni – Children’s sea star

Family Ophidiasteridae
This family regroups the Snake-arm starfishes and their relatives.

Nardoa tuberculata – Mottled sea star

Family Luidiidae
This family regroups the Slender-armed starfishes and their relatives.

Family Oreasteridae
This family regroups the Greater cushion starfishes and their relatives.

Anthenea aspera – Cake sea star
Choriaster granulatus – Granulated cushion star
Culcita coriacea – Arabian cushion star
Pentaceraster mammillatus – Common knobbed star
Pentaceraster westermanni – Westermann’s knobbed star
Protoreaster nodosus – Chocolate chip sea star

Family Pycnopodiidae
This family regroups the Sunflower starfishes.

Pycnopodia helianthoides – Sunflower seastar