Barbets and relatives

Family Capitonidae
This family regroups all South-American barbets.

Capito aurovirens – Scarlet-crowned barbet
Capito maculicoronatus rubrilateralis – Spot-crowned barbet
Capito niger – Black-spotted barbet
Eubucco bourcierii orientalis – Red-headed barbet

Family Semnornithidae
This family regroups the two Prong-billed barbet species.

Semnornis frantzii – Prong-billed barbet

Family Megalaimidae
This family regroups all Asian barbets.

Psilopogon asiaticus davisoni – Blue-throated barbet
Psilopogon virens virens – Great barbet

Family Lybiidae
This family regroups all African barbets.

Lybius bidentatus bidentatus – Double-toothed barbet
Lybius dubius – Bearded barbet
Lybius melanopterus – Brown-breasted barbet


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