Soft corals and gorgonians

Family Alcyoniidae
This family regroups Finger-like soft corals and their relatives.

Alcyonium glomeratum – Red dead man’s fingers
Sarcophyton glaucum – Rough leather coral
Sarcophyton trocheliophorum – Mushroom leather coral

Family Nephtheidae
This family regroups Tree-like soft corals and their relatives.

Dendronephthya sp. – Thistle soft coral
Litophyton arboreum – Broccoli coral
Scleronephthya sp. – Flower tree coral

Family Plexauridae
This family regroups Sea whips and related gorgonian species.

Eunicea calyculata – Warty sea rod

Family Gorgoniidae
This family regroups true Gorgonians and their relatives.

Eunicella cavolini – Yellow gorgonian
Gorgonia ventalina – Common sea fan

Family Corallidae
This family regroups Coral Gorgonians and their relatives.

Corallium rubrum – Red coral

Family Briareidae
This family regroups encrusting Gorgonians.

Family Anthothelidae
This family regroups Caribbean encrusting gorgonians.

Family Xeniidae
This family regroups Pumping corals and their relatives.

Family Clavulariidae
This family regroups all Palm-tree corals and their relatives.

Clavularia viridis – Palm tree polyps

Family Antipathidae
This family regroups Wire-corals and their relatives.