Horned frogs and relatives

Family Ceratobatrachidae
This family regroups all Triangle frogs and their relatives.

Cornufer guentheri – Solomon Island leaf frog
Platymantis dorsalis – Duméril’s wrinkled ground frog

Family Megophryidae
This family regroups all Asian horned frogs and their relatives.

Megophrys aceras – Perak horned toad
Megophrys montana – Javan horned frog
Megophrys nasuta – Malayan horned frog

Family Ceratophryidae
This family regroups all South-American horned frogs, also known as Pacman frogs.

Ceratophrys aurita – Brazilian horned frog
Ceratophrys cornuta – Surinam horned frog
Ceratophrys cranwelli – Chacoan horned frog
Ceratophrys ornata – Argentina horned frog
Chacophrys pierottii – Chaco horned frog
Lepidobatrachus laevis – Budgett’s frog