Lobsters and relatives

Family Nephropidae
This family regroups the bigger Lobster species and their relatives.

Homarus americanus – American lobster

Family Palinuridae
This family regroups all Spiny lobsters.

Jasus edwardsii – Southern rock lobster
Panulirus japonicus – Japanese spiny lobster
Panulirus longipes longipes – Long-legged spiny lobster
Panulirus ornatus – Ornate spiny lobster
Panulirus versicolor – Painted spiny lobster
Puerulus angulatus – Banded whip lobster

Family Enoplometopidae
This family regroups the Reef lobsters.

Enoplometopus crosnieri – Crosnier’s reef lobster
Enoplometopus debelius – Violet-spotted reef lobster

Family Scyllaridae
This family regroups all Slipper lobsters and related species.

Ibacus novemdentatus – Smooth fan lobster
Scyllarus arctus – Lesser slipper lobster

Family Galatheidae
This family regroups all Squat-lobsters and related species.

Galathea strigosa – Spinous squat lobster