Other Land and Sea Carnivores

Family Nandinidae
This monotypic family has been created for the African palm-civet.

Nandinia binotata – African Palm Civet

Family Prionodontidae
This family regroups both linsang species.

Family Ailuridae
This monotypic family has been created for the Red Panda.

Ailurus fulgens fulgens – Red Panda
Ailurus fulgens styani – Red panda

Family Procyonidae
This family regroups raccoons, coatis and their relatives.

Nasua nasua – South American Coati
Potos flavus – Kinkajou
Procyon lotor – Northern Raccoon

Family Mephitidae
This family regroups all skunk species.

Mydaus marchei – Palawan stink badger

Family Mustelidae
This family regroups all weasels, martens, ferrets, otters and their relatives.

Aonyx cinereus – Asian small-clawed otter
Arctonyx collaris – Hog badger
Lontra canadensis canadensis – North American River Otter
Lontra canadensis lataxina – North American River Otter
Lontra canadensis pacifica – North American river otter
Lutra lutra chinensis – Eurasian otter
Lutra sumatrana – Hairy-nosed otter
Lutrogale perspicillata perspicillata – Smooth-coated otter
Martes flavigula borealis – Yellow-throated Marten
Martes flavigula peninsularis – Yellow-throated marten
Martes flavigula robinsoni – Yellow-throated marten
Martes melampus – Japanese marten
Melogale moschata subaurantiaca – Small-toothed ferret-badger
Melogale personata personata – Large-toothed ferret-badger
Mustela nigripes – Black-footed Ferret
Pteronura brasiliensis – Giant otter

Family Otariidae
This family regroups all sea lions and their relatives.

Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus – South African fur seal
Callorhinus ursinus – Northern fur seal

Family Phocidae
This family regroups all earless seals and their relatives.

Phoca largha – Spotted seal
Phoca vitulina concolor – Harbor seal

Family Odobenidae
This monotypic family has been created for the Walrus.

Odobenus rosmarus divergens – Pacific walrus
Odobenus rosmarus rosmarus – Atlantic walrus

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