Other butterflies

Family Saturniidae
This family regroups the Moon moths and their relatives.

Actias selene – Indian moon moth
Attacus atlas – Atlas moth

Family Sphingidae
This family regroups the Hawkmoths and their relatives.

Daphnis nerii – Oleander hawk-moth

Family Pieridae
This family regroups the Pierid butterflies.

Appias lyncida vasava – Chocolate albatross
Appias olferna – Indochinese striped albatross
Delias hyparete metarete – Painted jezebel
Eurema hecabe hecabe – Common grass yellow
Hebomoia glaucippe aturia – Greater orange-tip

Family Geometridae
This family regroups the Belle moths and other related species.

Dysphania militaris – Military tiger moth
Dysphania sagana – Yellow moth
Dysphania transducta – Blue tiger moth

Family Arctiidae
This family regroups the Tiger butterflies and their relatives.

Family Zygaenidae
This family regroups the Burnet butterflies and their relatives.


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