True stick insects

Family Phasmatidae
This family regroups true Stick-insects and their relatives.

Megacrania tsudai – Tsuda’s giant stick-insect
Pharnacia palawanica – Palawan stick-insect
Pharnacia sumatrana – Sumatran stick-insect
Tirachoidea cantori – Cantor’s stick-insect

Family Pseudophasmatidae
This family regroups the Stick-insects known as Walking-sticks.

Family Aschiphasmatidae
This family regroups the Hieroglyph stick insect and its relatives.

Aschiphasma annulipes – Hieroglyph stick-insect

Family Heteropterygidae
This family regroups the Jungle Nymph and its relatives.

Brasidas samarensis – Samar stick insect
Heteropteryx dilatata – Malayan jungle nymph

Family Lonchodidae
This family regroups the umbrella stick-insects and their relatives.

Eurynecroscia nigrofasciata – Yellow umbrella stick-insect

Family Diapheromeridae
This family regroups some of the South-American stick-Insects.

Family Phylliidae
This family regroups all Leaf-insects.


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