Jellyfishes and relatives

Family Catostylidae
This family regroups the Dome-bell jellyfishes.

Acromitus flagellatus – Flagellate jellyfish
Catostylus mosaicus – Blue blubber jellyfish
Mastigias papua – Golden medusa

Family Ulmaridae
This family regroups the Aurelia jellyfishes and relatives.

Aurelia aurita – Moon jelly
Aurelia limbata – Brownbanded moon jelly

Family Pelagiidae
This family regroups the Sea-nettle jellyfishes

Chrysaora colorata – Purple-striped sea-nettle
Chrysaora fuscescens – West Coast sea-nettle
Chrysaora pacifica – Japanese sea-nettle
Chrysaora quinquecirrha – Atlantic sea nettle

Family Cepheidae
This family regroups the Fried-egg jellyfishes and their relatives.

Cotylorhiza tuberculata – Fried-egg jellyfish

Family Phacellophoridae
This family regroups the Egg-yolk jellyfishes and their relatives.

Phacellophora camtschatica – Egg-yolk jellyfish

Family Cyaneidae
This family regroups the Lion’s mane jellyfish and its relatives.

Cyanea capillata – Lion’s mane jellyfish

Family Linuchidae
This family regroups the Crown jellyfishes.

Family Olindiidae
This family regroups the Flowerpot jellyfishes and other related species.

Olindias formosus – Flower hat jelly

Family Mastigiidae
This family regroups the Spotted jellyfishes and their relatives.

Family Rhizostomatidae
This family regroups the Barrel jellyfishes.

Rhopilema esculentum – Flame jellyfish

Family Eirenidae
This family regroups the Eirenid jellyfishes.

Family Cassiopeidae
This family regroups the Upside-down Jellyfishes.

Cassiopea andromeda – Common upside-down jellyfish
Cassiopea ornata – Ornate upside-down jellyfish
Cassiopea xamachana – Blue upside-down jellyfish