Family Leporidae
This family regroups all Rabbits, Cottontails and hares.

Sylvilagus audubonii – Desert cottontail
Sylvilagus floridanus alacer – Eastern cottontail

Family Hystricidae
This family regroups all Old-world porcupines.

Atherurus macrourus – Asiatic brush-tailed porcupine
Hystrix africaeaustralis – Cape Porcupine
Hystrix brachyura brachyura – Malayan porcupine
Hystrix brachyura hodgsoni – Malayan porcupine
Hystrix brachyura subcristata – Malayan porcupine
Hystrix crassispinis – Thick-spined porcupine
Hystrix javanica – Sunda porcupine
Hystrix pumila – Philippine porcupine
Trichys fasciculata – Long-tailed porcupine

Family Erethizontidae
This family regroups all New-World porcupines.

Coendou prehensilis – Brazilian porcupine

Family Sciuridae
This family regroups all Squirrels and relatives.

Ammospermophilus harrisii – Harris’s antelope squirrel
Callosciurus finlaysonii bocourti – Finlayson’s squirrel
Callosciurus finlaysonii finlaysonii – Finlayson’s squirrel
Callosciurus nigrovittatus nigrovittatus – Black-striped squirrel
Callosciurus notatus miniatus – Plantain squirrel
Callosciurus phayrei – Phayre’s squirrel
Callosciurus prevostii borneoensis – Prevost’s squirrel
Callosciurus prevostii humei – Prevost’s squirrel
Callosciurus prevostii prevostii – Prevost’s squirrel
Callosciurus prevostii rafflesii – Prevost’s squirrel
Cynomys ludovicianus ludovicianus – Black-tailed prairie-dog
Geosciurus inauris – Cape ground squirrel
Menetes berdmorei consularis – Indochinese ground squirrel
Menetes berdmorei mouhotei – Indochinese ground squirrel
Petaurista alborufus castaneus – Red-and-white giant flying squirrel
Petaurista philippensis annamensis – Indian giant flying squirrel
Ratufa macroura dandolena – Sri Lankan giant squirrel
Sciurus carolinensis pennsylvanicus – Eastern gray squirrel
Sciurus niger limitis – Eastern fox squirrel

Family Caviidae
This family regroups all the true cavies and their relatives.

Dolichotis patagonum – Patagonian mara
Dolichotis salinicola – Chacoan mara

Family Hydrochaeridae
This monotypic family has been created for the Capybara.

Family Dasyproctidae
This family regroups all agoutis and related species.

Dasyprocta leporina croconota – Orange agouti
Dasyprocta prymnolopha – Black-rumped agouti
Dasyprocta punctata – Central American agouti

Family Cuniculidae
This family regroups all pacas.

Cuniculus paca – Lowland paca

Family Octodontidae
This family regroups the degus and all its related species.

Family Myocastoridae
This monotypic family has been created for the Coypu.

Myocastor coypus – Coypu

Family Capromyidae
This family regroups all Hutias.

Family Chinchillidae
This family regroups all Chinchillas and Viscacha species.

Chinchilla lanigera – Long-tailed chinchilla

Family Bathyergidae
This family regroups all Mole rat species.

Fukomys damarensis – Damaraland mole-rat
Heterocephalus glaber – Naked mole-rat

Family Muridae
This family regroups all Mice, Rats and related species.

Bandicota indica – Greater bandicoot rat
Gerbillus nanus – Balochistan gerbil

Family Cricetidae
This family regroups all Hamsters and related species. It is sometimes considered as a subfamily of the Muridae.

Family Dipodidae
This family regroups all Jerboas and related species.

Jaculus orientalis – Greater egyptian jerboa

Family Spalacidae
This family regroups all Bamboo rats and related species.

Family Myoxidae
This family regroups all Dormice species, it is sometimes known as Gliridae.

Family Castoridae
This family regroups all Beaver species.

Castor canadensis – North American beaver

Family Petromuridae
This monotypic family has been created for the Dassie rat.

Family Ctenodactylidae
This family regroups all Gundi species.

Family Heteromyidae
This family regroups all Pocket-mice species.

Dipodomys ordii – Ord’s kangaroo-rat

Family Pedetidae
This family regroups all Springhares.


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