Surgeonfishes and relatives

Family Acanthuridae
This family regroups all Surgeonfishes, Tangs, Unicornfishes and related species.

Acanthurus achilles – Achilles tang
Acanthurus auranticavus – Orange-socket surgeonfish
Acanthurus bariene – Black-spot surgeonfish
Acanthurus chirurgus – Doctorfish
Acanthurus coeruleus – Blue tang surgeonfish
Acanthurus dussumieri – Eyestripe surgeonfish
Acanthurus fowleri – Fowler’s surgeonfish
Acanthurus gahhm – Black surgeonfish
Acanthurus guttatus – Whitespotted surgeonfish
Acanthurus leucocheilus – Palelipped surgeonfish
Acanthurus leucopareius – Whitebar surgeonfish
Acanthurus leucosternon – Powderblue surgeonfish
Acanthurus lineatus – Lined surgeonfish
Acanthurus maculiceps – White-freckled surgeonfish
Acanthurus mata – Elongate surgeonfish
Acanthurus nigricans – Whitecheek surgeonfish
Acanthurus nigricauda – Epaulette surgeonfish
Acanthurus nigrofuscus – Brown surgeonfish
Acanthurus olivaceus – Orangespot surgeonfish
Acanthurus polyzona – Black-barred surgeonfish
Acanthurus pyroferus – Chocolate surgeonfish
Acanthurus sohal – Sohal surgeonfish
Acanthurus tennentii – Doubleband surgeonfish
Acanthurus thompsoni – Thompson surgeonfish
Acanthurus tristis – Indian Ocean mimic surgeonfish
Acanthurus xanthopterus – Yellowfin surgeonfish
Ctenochaetus binotatus – Twospot surgeonfish
Ctenochaetus flavicauda – Whitetail bristletooth NEW
Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis – Chevron tang
Ctenochaetus tominiensis – Tomini surgeonfish
Ctenochaetus truncatus – Squaretail bristletooth
Naso annulatus – Whitemargin unicornfish
Naso brachycentron – Humpback unicornfish
Naso caeruleacauda – Blue unicorn
Naso elegans – Elegant unicornfish
Naso lituratus – Orangespine unicornfish
Naso tonganus – Bulbnose unicornfish
Naso unicornis – Bluespine unicornfish
Naso vlamingii – Bignose unicornfish
Zebrasoma flavescens – Yellow tang
Zebrasoma gemmatum – Spotted tang
Zebrasoma scopas – Twotone tang
Zebrasoma velifer – Sailfin tang
Zebrasoma xanthurum – Yellowtail tang

Family Siganidae
This family regroups the Rabbitfishes, Foxfaces and related species.

Siganus doliatus – Barred spinefoot
Siganus fuscescens – Mottled spinefoot
Siganus magnificus – Magnificent rabbitfish
Siganus punctatus – Goldspotted spinefoot
Siganus unimaculatus – Blotched foxface
Siganus uspi – Bicolored foxface
Siganus vulpinus – Foxface

Family Ephippidae
This family regroups the Orbicular batfish and related species.

Chaetodipterus faber – Atlantic spadefish
Platax teira – Longfin batfish

Family Drepaneidae
This family regroups the Sicklefishes and related species.

Drepane punctata – Spotted sicklefish

Family Oplegnathidae
This family regroups the Knifejaws and related species.

Oplegnathus punctatus – Spotted knife-jaw

Family Zanclidae
This monotypic family has been created for the Moorish Idol.

Zanclus cornutus – Moorish idol