Trevallies and relatives

Family Carangidae
This family regroups all Trevallies and their relatives.

Alectis ciliaris – African pompano
Alectis indica – Indian threadfish
Alepes djedaba – Shrimp scad
Alepes vari – Herring scad
Atropus atropos – Cleftbelly trevally
Atule mate – Yellowtail scad
Carangoides armatus – Longfin trevally
Carangoides malabaricus – Malabar trevally
Caranx hippos – Crevalle jack
Caranx ignobilis – Giant trevally
Caranx melampygus – Bluefin trevally
Caranx papuensis – Brassy trevally
Caranx ruber – Bar jack
Caranx tille – Tille trevally
Elagatis bipinnulata – Rainbow runner
Parastromateus niger – Black pomfret
Scomberoides tol – Needlescaled queenfish
Selaroides leptolepis – Yellowstripe scad
Seriola rivoliana – Longfin yellowtail
Trachinotus anak – Oyster pompano
Trachinotus baillonii – Small spotted dart
Trachinotus blochii – Snubnose pompano
Trachinotus carolinus – Florida pompano
Trachinotus mookalee – Indian pompano

Family Echeneidae
This family regroups the Sharksuckers and related species.

Family Rachycentridae
This monotypic family has been created for the Cobia.


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