Trevallies and relatives

Family Carangidae
This family regroups all Trevallies and their relatives. This family belongs to the order Perciformes but is treated here with other silvery schooling fishes for ease of identification purposes.

Alectis ciliaris – African pompano
Alectis indica – Indian threadfish
Alepes djedaba – Shrimp scad
Alepes vari – Herring scad
Atropus atropos – Cleftbelly trevally
Atule mate – Yellowtail scad
Carangoides armatus – Longfin trevally
Carangoides malabaricus – Malabar trevally
Caranx hippos – Crevalle jack
Caranx ignobilis – Giant trevally
Caranx melampygus – Bluefin trevally
Caranx papuensis – Brassy trevally
Caranx ruber – Bar jack
Caranx tille – Tille trevally
Elagatis bipinnulata – Rainbow runner
Parastromateus niger – Black pomfret
Scomberoides tol – Needlescaled queenfish
Selaroides microlepis – Yellowstripe scad
Seriola rivoliana – Longfin yellowtail
Trachinotus anak – Oyster pompano
Trachinotus baillonii – Small spotted dart
Trachinotus carolinus – Florida pompano
Trachinotus mookalee – Indian pompano


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