Starlings and Oxpeckers

Family Sturnidae

Acridotheres cristatellus brevipennis – Crested myna
Acridotheres cristatellus formosanus – Crested myna
Acridotheres fuscus fuscus – Jungle myna
Acridotheres ginginianus – Bank myna
Acridotheres grandis – Great myna
Acridotheres javanicus – Javan myna
Acridotheres leucocephalus – Vinous-breasted starling
Acridotheres melanopterus melanopterus – Black-winged myna
Acridotheres melanopterus tertius – Grey-rumped myna
Acridotheres melanopterus tricolor – Grey-backed myna
Acridotheres tristis tristis  – Common myna
Agropsar sturninus – Purple-backed starling
Ampeliceps coronatus – Golden-crested starling
Aplonis metallica metallica – Shining starling
Aplonis panayensis eusthatis – Asian glossy starling
Aplonis panayensis panayensis – Asian glossy starling
Aplonis panayensis strigata – Asian glossy starling
Cinnyricinclus leucogaster – Violet-backed starling
Gracula religiosa intermedia – Common hill myna
Gracula religiosa religiosa – Common hill myna
Gracupica nigricollis – Black-collared starling
Lamprotornis caudatus – Long-tailed glossy starling
Lamprotornis chalybaeus – Greater blue-eared starling
Lamprotornis hildebrandti – Hildebrandt’s starling
Lamprotornis iris – Emerald starling
Lamprotornis purpureus – Purple starling
Lamprotornis regius – Golden-breasted starling
Lamprotornis superbus – Superb starling
Lamprotornis unicolor – Ashy starling
Leucopsar rothschildi – Bali myna
Mino dumontii – Yellow-faced myna
Onychognathus morio – Red-winged starling
Sarcops calvus melanonotus – Coleto
Streptocitta albicollis albicollis – White-necked myna
Sturnia pagodarum – Brahminy starling

Family Buphagidae


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