Tanagers and relatives

Family Thraupidae

Chalcothraupis ruficervix fulvicervix – Rusty-naped tanager
Chlorochrysa calliparaea bourcieri – Orange-eared tanager
Chlorophanes spiza caerulescens – Green honeycreeper
Coryphospingus cucullatus – Red-crested finch
Cyanerpes caeruleus – Purple honeycreeper
Cyanerpes cyaneus – Red-legged honeycreeper
Dacnis cayana – Blue dacnis
Dacnis lineata – Black-faced dacnis
Dacnis venusta – Scarlet-thighed dacnis
Ixothraupis guttata eusticta – Speckled tanager
Ixothraupis punctata – Spotted tanager
Paroaria coronata – Red-crowned cardinal
Poospiza hispaniolensis – Collared warbling finch
Ramphocelus carbo carbo – Silver-beaked tanager
Ramphocelus dimidiatus – Crimson-backed tanager
Ramphocelus icteronotus – Lemon-rumped tanager
Ramphocelus nigrogularis – Masked crimson tanager
Ramphocelus passerinii – Scarlet-rumped tanager
Rauenia bonariensis bonariensis – Blue-and-yellow tanager
Sicalis flaveola – Saffron finch
Sporophila castaneiventris – Chestnut-bellied seedeater
Sporophila luctuosa – Black-and-white seedeater
Stilpnia cayana – Burnished-buff tanager
Stilpnia cucullata versicolor – Lesser Antillean tanager
Stilpnia larvata – Golden-hooded tanager
Stilpnia nigrocincta – Masked tanager
Tachyphonus rufus – White-lined tanager
Tangara arthus sophiae – Golden tanager
Tangara chilensis chilensis – Paradise tanager
Tangara chilensis paradisea – Paradise tanager
Tangara gyrola catharinae – Bay-headed tanager
Tangara icterocephala – Silver-throated tanager
Tangara mexicana mexicana – Turquoise tanager
Tangara nigroviridis – Beryl-spangled tanager
Tangara parzudakii urubambae – Flame-faced tanager
Tangara velia velia – Opal-rumped tanager
Tangara xanthocephala – Saffron-crowned tanager
Tersina viridis – Swallow tanager
Thraupis cyanoptera – Azure-shouldered tanager
Thraupis episcopus – Blue-grey tanager
Thraupis palmarum – Palm tanager

Family Phaenicophilidae

Spindalis portoricensis – Puerto Rican spindalis

Family Mitrospingidae

Lamprospiza melanoleuca – Red-billed pied tanager


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