Crustaceans and Horseshoe Crabs

Family Nephropidae
This family regroups the bigger Lobster species and their relatives.

Homarus americanus – American lobster

Family Palinuridae
This family regroups all Spiny lobsters.

Jasus edwardsii – Southern rock lobster
Panulirus japonicus – Japanese spiny lobster
Panulirus longipes longipes – Long-legged spiny lobster
Panulirus ornatus – Ornate spiny lobster
Panulirus versicolor – Painted spiny lobster
Puerulus angulatus – Banded whip lobster

Family Enoplometopidae
This family regroups the Reef lobsters.

Enoplometopus crosnieri – Crosnier’s reef lobster
Enoplometopus debelius – Violet-spotted reef lobster

Family Scyllaridae
This family regroups all Slipper lobsters and related species.

Ibacus novemdentatus – Smooth fan lobster
Scyllarus arctus – Lesser slipper lobster

Family Galatheidae
This family regroups all Squat-lobsters and related species.

Galathea strigosa – Spinous squat lobster

Family Atelecyclidae
This family regroups the Round crabs and their relatives.

Family Xanthidae
This family regroups the Stone crabs, Egg crabs and their relatives.

Atergatis integerrimus – Red egg crab
Atergatis subdentatus – Red reef crab
Lophozozymus pictor – White-spotted reef crab

Family Calappidae
This family regroups the Shame-faced crabs, also known as box crabs.

Calappa calappa – Giant box crab
Calappa granulata – Shame-faced crab
Calappa lophos – Red-streaked box crab

Family Aethridae
This family regroups the Dolly Varden crabs and related species.

Hepatus epheliticus – Dolly Varden crab

Family Pseudocarcinidae
This family regroups the Tasmanian giant crab and its relatives.

Pseudocarcinus gigas – Tasmanian giant crab

Family Cancridae
This family regroups the Edible crab species and their relatives.

Family Portunidae
This family regroups all Shore crabs and their relatives.

Family Eriphiidae
This family regroups the Warty crabs and their relatives.

Family Dromiidae
This family regroups the Teddy-bear crabs and their relatives.

Family Raninidae
This family regroups the Frog crabs and their relatives.

Family Goneplacidae
This family regroups all Angular crab species.

Family Porcellanidae
This family regroups all Porcelain crabs.

Family Grapsidae
This family regroups the Rock crabs and their relatives.

Family Gecarcinidae
This family regroups the Terrestrial crab species.

Cardisoma armatum – African rainbow crab
Tuerkayana hirtipes – Blue land crab

Family Sesarmidae
This family regroups all Vinegar crabs and related species.

Episesarma versicolor – Violet vinegar crab
Parasesarma eumolpe – Neon-face mangrove crab
Sinosesarma tangi – Fujian mangrove crab

Family Ocypodidae
This family regroups the Fiddler crabs and their relatives.

Gelasimus vocans – Calling fiddler crab
Tubuca acuta – Acute fiddler crab
Tubuca arcuata – Bowed fiddler crab

Family Majidae
This family regroups the true Spider-crabs.

Maja crispata – Lesser spider crab

Family Inachidae
This family regroups the Decorator crabs and other related species.

Camposcia retusa – Spider decorator crab

Family Macrocheiridae
This family regroups the Giant spider-crabs and other related species.

Macrocheira kaempferi – Japanese spider-crab

Family Inachoididae
This family regroups the Arrow crabs and other related species.

Stenorhynchus seticornis – Yellowline arrow crab

Family Parthenopidae
This family regroups all Longclaw crabs and their relatives.

Family Oregoniidae
This family regroups some of the Cold-waters spider-crabs.

Chionoecetes japonicus – Beni-Zuwai crab

Family Lithodidae
This family regroups the King crab and related species.

Lopholithodes mandtii – Puget Sound king crab
Paralithodes camtschaticus – Red king crab

Family Epialtidae
This family regroups the Horned spider-crabs.

Family Coenobitidae
This family regroups all Terrestrial Hermit-crab species.

Birgus latro – Coconut crab
Coenobita clypeatus – Caribbean hermit crab
Coenobita perlatus – Strawberry hermit-crab

Family Diogenidae
This family regroups the Coral hermit-crabs and other related species.

Calcinus elegans – Electric blue hermit-crab
Calcinus laevimanus – Big-clawed hermit-crab
Clibanarius erythropus – Intertidal hermit-crab
Clibanarius striolatus – Common stripe-legged hermit crab
Dardanus arrosor – Greater hermit-crab
Dardanus calidus – Large hermit-crab
Dardanus megistos – White-spotted hermit-crab

Family Paguridae
This family regroups the Common hermit-crab and other related species.

Family Alpheidae
This family regroups all Pistol shrimp species.

Family Hymenoceridae
This family regroups the Harlequin shrimp species and related species.

Family Lysmatidae
This family regroups all Cleaner shrimp species.

Lysmata debelius – Scarlet cleaner shrimp

Family Palaemonidae
This family regroups all Edible and Common shrimp species.

Macrobrachium rosenbergii – Giant river prawn

Family Pandalidae
This family regroups the Spot-prawns and other related species.

Pandalus platyceros – California spot prawn

Family Penaeidae
This family regroups the Banana shrimps and other related species.

Family Rhynchocinetidae
This family regroups the Hingebeak shrimps and other related species.

Rhynchocinetes durbanensis – Durban hingebeak shrimp

Family Stenopodidae
This family regroups the Coral shrimps and their relatives.

Stenopus hispidus – Banded coral shrimp

Family Cirolanidae
This family regroups the Giant isopods and their relatives.

Bathynomus giganteus – Giant isopod

Family Lysiosquillidae
This family regroups the Spearer mantis shrimps and their relatives.

Lysiosquillina maculata – Zebra mantis-shrimp

Family Odontodactylidae
This family regroups the Peacock mantis-shrimp and related species.

Odontodactylus scyllarus – Peacock mantis shrimp

Family Astacidae
This family regroups true Crayfishes.

Astacus astacus – Noble crayfish

Family Parastacidae
This family regroups all Small Tropical Crayfish species and their relatives.

Cherax albertisii – New Guinea red-clawed crayfish
Cherax quadricarinatus – Common red-clawed crayfish

Family Atyidae
This family regroups the Tropical freshwater shrimps.

Atyoidea pilipes – Sulawesi fan shrimp
Atyopsis moluccensis – Wood shrimp
Caridina logemanni – Crystal red bee shrimp

Family Cambaridae
This family regroups the Tropical freshwater dwarf crayfishes.

Family Limulidae
This family regroups all Horseshoe crab species.

Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda – Mangrove horseshoe crab
Limulus polyphemus – Atlantic horseshoe crab
Tachypleus gigas – Indian horseshoe crab
Tachypleus tridentatus – Chinese horseshoe crab


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