Seabreams and relatives

Family Sparidae
This family regroups all Seabreams and related species.

Acanthopagrus arabicus – Arabian yellowfin seabream
Acanthopagrus bifasciatus – Twobar seabream
Acanthopagrus catenula – Bridled seabream
Acanthopagrus latus – Yellowfin seabream
Acanthopagrus schlegelii – Blackhead seabream
Archosargus probatocephalus – Sheepshead
Argyrops spinifer – King soldier bream
Dentex dentex – Common dentex
Lagodon rhomboides – Pinfish
Pagrus major – Red seabream

Family Moronidae
This family regroups the Seabasses and related species.

Family Ambassidae
This family regroups the Glass perchlets and relatives.

Family Caesionidae
This family regroups the Fusiliers and related species.

Caesio caerulaurea – Blue and gold fusilier
Caesio cuning – Redbelly yellowtail fusilier
Caesio xanthonota – Yellowback fusilier
Pterocaesio marri – Marr’s fusilier

Family Centracanthidae
This family regroups the Picarels and related species.

Family Embiotocidae
This family regroups the Seaperches and related species.

Brachyistius frenatus – Kelp perch
Cymatogaster aggregata – Shiner perch

Family Scorpididae
This family regroups the Halfmoon and related species.

Family Gerreidae
This family regroups the Mojarras and related species.

Family Kuhliidae
This family regroups the Flagtails and related species.

Family Nemipteridae
This family regroups the Seabreams and related species.

Pentapodus aureofasciatus – Yellowstripe threadfin bream
Pentapodus caninus – Small-toothed whiptail
Pentapodus setosus – Butterfly whiptail
Pentapodus trivittatus – Three-striped whiptail
Scolopsis bilineata – Two-lined monocle bream
Scolopsis bimaculata – Thumbprint monocle bream
Scolopsis lineata – Striped monocle bream
Scolopsis vosmeri – Whitecheek monocle bream


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