Frogs, Toads and relatives

Family Bufonidae
This family regroups all True toads and related species.

Anaxyrus cognatus – Great plains toad
Anaxyrus debilis debilis – Eastern green toad
Anaxyrus houstonensis – Houston toad
Anaxyrus woodhousii australis – Woodhouse’s toad
Anaxyrus woodhousii woodhousii – Woodhouse’s toad
Atelopus hoogmoedi hoogmoedi – Hoogmoed’s stubfoot toad
Atelopus hoogmoedi nassaui – Hoogmoed’s stubfoot toad
Atelopus zeteki – Panamanian golden frog
Barbarophryne brongersmai – Brongersma’s toad
Bufo bankorensis – Taiwan common toad
Bufo bufo – Common toad
Bufo japonicus – Japanese common toad
Duttaphrynus dhufarensis – Dhofar toad
Duttaphrynus melanostictus – Asian common toad
Incilius alvarius – Colorado River toad
Incilius valliceps – Gulf Coast toad
Ingerophrynus galeatus – Bony-headed toad
Ingerophrynus quadriporcatus – Long-glanded toad
Melanophryniscus klappenbachi – Klappenbach’s red-bellied toad
Melanophryniscus stelzneri – Bumble Bee runner toad
Peltophryne empusa – Cuban small-eared toad
Peltophryne lemur – Puerto Rican crested toad
Peltophryne peltocephalus – Tschudi’s caribbean toad
Phrynoidis asper – Asian giant toad
Phrynoidis juxtaspera – Borneo river toad
Rentapia hosii – Hose’s climbing toad
Rhinella margaritifera – South American common toad
Rhinella marina – Cane toad
Rhinella schneideri – Cururu toad
Sclerophrys arabica – Arabian toad
Sclerophrys camerunensis – Oban toad
Sclerophrys mauritanica – Berber toad
Vandijkophrynus gariepensis – Karoo toad

Family Bombinatoridae
This family regroups all Fire-bellied toads and their relatives.

Bombina microdeladigitora – Hubei yellow-bellied toad
Bombina orientalis – Oriental fire-bellied toad
Bombina pachypus – Appenine yellow-bellied toad
Bombina variegata – Yellow-bellied toad

Family Pelobatidae
This family regroups all Eurasian Spadefoot toads.

Pelobates fuscus – Common spadefoot

Family Alytidae
This family regroups all Midwife toads.

Alytes muletensis – Mallorcan midwife toad

Family Scaphiopodidae
This family regroups all New World Spadefoot toads.

Family Ceratobatrachidae
This family regroups all Triangle frogs and their relatives.

Cornufer guentheri – Solomon Island leaf frog
Platymantis dorsalis – Duméril’s wrinkled ground frog

Family Megophryidae
This family regroups all Asian horned frogs and their relatives.

Megophrys aceras – Perak horned toad
Megophrys montana – Javan horned frog
Megophrys nasuta – Malayan horned frog

Family Ceratophryidae
This family regroups all South-American horned frogs, also known as Pacman frogs.

Ceratophrys aurita – Brazilian horned frog
Ceratophrys cornuta – Surinam horned frog
Ceratophrys cranwelli – Chacoan horned frog
Ceratophrys ornata – Argentina horned frog
Chacophrys pierottii – Chaco horned frog
Lepidobatrachus laevis – Budgett’s frog

Family Ranidae
This family regroups all true Frogs.

Amnirana galamensis – Galam white-lipped frog
Hylarana erythraea – Common green frog
Hylarana latouchii – Kuatun frog
Hylarana taipehensis – Two-striped grass frog
Lithobates catesbeianus – American bullfrog
Lithobates sphenocephalus – Southern leopard frog
Odorrana hosii – Hose’s frog
Odorrana swinhoana – Swinhoe’s brown frog
Pelophylax perezi – Perez’s frog
Pelophylax ridibundus – Eurasian marsh frog
Rana longicrus – Taipa frog
Rana sauteri – Sauter’s brown frog
Staurois parvus – Bornean rock frog
Sylvirana cubitalis – Siam stream frog
Sylvirana guentheri – Guenther’s amoy frog

Family Microhylidae
This family regroups all Narrow-mouthed frogs.

Dermatonotus muelleri – Müller’s termite frog
Dyscophus antongilii – Madagascar tomato frog
Dyscophus guineti – Sambava tomato frog
Dyscophus insularis – Antsouhy tomato frog
Kalophrynus interlineatus – Spotted narrow-mouthed frog
Kaloula pulchra – Banded bullfrog
Microhyla pulchra – Marbled pygmy frog
Phrynomantis microps – West African rubber frog
Scaphiophryne gottlebei – Rainbow burrowing frog
Scaphiophryne madagascariensis – Madagascar rain frog

Family Leptodactylidae
This family regroups all Southern frog species.

Leptodactylus fallax – Giant ditch frog
Leptodactylus laticeps – Santa Fe frog
Leptodactylus pentadactylus – Smokey jungle frog

Family Hylidae
This family regroups all true Tree frogs.

Boana crepitans – Emerald-eyed treefrog
Dendropsophus ebraccatus – Hourglass tree frog
Dryophytes cinereus – American green tree frog
Dryophytes versicolor – Eastern grey tree frog
Hyla arborea – European tree frog
Hyla chinensis – Common chinese tree frog
Litoria aurea – Green and golden bell frog
Litoria caerulea – White’s tree frog
Nyctimystes infrafrenatus – White-lipped tree frog
Osteopilus vastus – Hispaniolan giant tree frog
Pseudacris regilla – Pacific chorus frog
Trachycephalus resinifictrix – Amazon milk frog

Family Phyllomedusidae
This family regroups the American leaf frogs.

Agalychnis annae – Blue-sided tree frog
Agalychnis callidryas – Red-eyed tree frog
Agalychnis dacnicolor – Mexican leaf frog
Agalychnis lemur – Lemur leaf frog
Agalychnis moreletii – Morelet’s tree frog
Callimedusa tomopterna – Tiger-striped leaf frog
Cruziohyla craspedopus – Fringed leaf frog
Phyllomedusa bicolor – Giant monkey frog
Phyllomedusa boliviana – Red-rimmed leaf frog
Phyllomedusa sauvagii – Waxy monkey leaf frog
Phyllomedusa vaillantii – White-lined monkey frog
Pithecopus hypochondrialis – Northern orange-legged leaf frog

Family Hyperoliidae
This family regroups the African tree frogs.

Afrixalus fornasini – Fornasini’s spiny reed frog
Heterixalus alboguttatus – Whitebelly reed frog
Hyperolius fusciventris burtoni – Lime reed frog
Hyperolius puncticulatus – Spotted reed frog
Hyperolius viridiflavus – Common reed frog
Phlyctimantis maculatus – Red-legged running frog

Family Rhacophoridae
This family regroups the Asian tree frogs.

Chiromantis xerampelina – Grey foam-nest tree frog
Kurixalus appendiculatus – Philippine flying frog
Polypedates braueri – Brauer’s tree frog
Polypedates leucomystax – Four-lined tree frog
Polypedates megacephalus – Hong Kong whipping frog
Polypedates otilophus – Borneo eared frog
Rhacophorus helenae – Helen’s tree frog
Rhacophorus nigropalmatus – Wallace’s flying frog
Theloderma asperum – Pied warty frog
Theloderma corticale – Vietnamese mossy frog
Theloderma leporosum – Malaya bug-eyed frog
Theloderma margaritifer – Javan Indonesian treefrog
Theloderma pictum – Cinnamon frog
Theloderma stellatum – Taylor’s bug-eyed frog
Zhangixalus dennysi – Chinese flying frog
Zhangixalus prasinatus – Tributary flying-frog
Zhangixalus prominanus – Malayan flying frog
Zhangixalus taipeianus – Taipei tree frog

Family Mantellidae
This family regroups all Madagascar frogs, including Mantellas.

Boophis madagascariensis – Madagascar bright-eyed frog
Guibemantis pulcher – Tsarafidy Madagascar frog
Mantella aurantiaca – Golden mantella
Mantella baroni – Baron’s mantella
Mantella bernhardi – Bernhard’s mantella
Mantella betsileo – Bronze mantella
Mantella expectata – Blue-legged mantella
Mantella madagascariensis – Madagascan mantella
Mantella milotympanum – Black-eared mantella
Mantella nigricans – Guibé’s mantella
Mantella pulchra – Beautiful mantella
Mantella viridis – Green mantella
Mantidactylus betsileanus – Betsileo Madagascar frog
Mantidactylus lugubris – Duméril’s madagascar frog

Family Dendrobatidae
This family regroups all Poison frogs and related species.

Adelphobates galactonotus – Splah-backed poison-frog
Ameerega bassleri – Pleasing poison frog
Ameerega pepperi – Pepper’s poison frog
Ameerega trivittata – Three-striped poison frog
Dendrobates auratus – Green and black poison-frog
Dendrobates leucomelas – Bumble-bee poison-frog
Dendrobates tinctorius – Dyeing poison frog
Dendrobates tinctorius “azureus” – Blue dyeing poison-frog
Dendrobates truncatus – Yellow-striped poison frog
Epipedobates anthonyi – Anthony’s poison-arrow frog
Epipedobates tricolor – Tricolor poison-arrow frog
Excidobates mysteriosus – Maranon poison frog
Hyloxalus azureiventris – Sky-blue poison frog
Oophaga pumilio – Strawberry poison-frog
Phyllobates aurotaenia – Kokoe poison frog
Phyllobates bicolor – Black-legged poison-frog
Phyllobates terribilis – Golden poison-frog
Phyllobates vittatus – Golfodulcean poison-frog
Ranitomeya amazonica – Iquitos poison frog
Ranitomeya benedicta – Blessed poison-frog
Ranitomeya fantastica – Fantastic poison frog
Ranitomeya imitator – Mimic poison frog
Ranitomeya reticulata – Red-backed poison frog
Ranitomeya vanzolinii – Brazilian poison frog
Ranitomeya ventrimaculata – Spot-bellied poison frog

Family Aromobatidae
This family regroups all cryptic poison frogs and related species.

Mannophryne olmonae – Bloody Bay poison frog

Family Arthroleptidae
This family regroups all Hairy frogs and related species.

Leptopelis uluguruensis – Uluguru forest tree frog
Leptopelis vermiculatus – Amani forest tree-frog

Family Dicroglossidae
This family regroups all Fanged frogs and related species.

Euphlyctis ehrenbergii – Arabian skipper frog
Hoplobatrachus rugulosus – Chinese edible frog
Hoplobatrachus tigerinus – Indian bullfrog
Limnonectes blythii – Blyth’s river frog
Limnonectes fujianensis – Fujian large-headed frog
Limnonectes gyldenstolpei – Gyldenstolpe’s frog
Limnonectes malesianus – Peat swamp frog

Family Hemiphractidae
This family regroups all Marsupial frogs and related species.

Gastrotheca riobambae – Riobamba marsupial frog

Family Phrynobatrachidae
This family regroups all Puddle frog species

Family Telmatobiidae
This family regroups all South American water frog species

Telmatobius culeus – Titicaca water frog

Family Pipidae
This family regroups all Tongueless frogs and their relatives.

Pipa parva – Sabana Suriname toad
Pipa pipa – Suriname toad
Pseudhymenochirus merlini – Merlin’s clawed frog
Xenopus laevis – African clawed frog
Xenopus longipes – Lake Oku clawed frog

Family Ptychadenidae
This family regroups all Ridged frog species.

Ptychadena mascareniensis – Mascarene grass frog

Family Pyxicephalidae
This family regroups the Bullfrogs and other related species.

Pyxicephalus adspersus – African bullfrog

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